About Us


Founded in 1998, Casa Innovations Group  is a global company with offices in both the USA and China. We are a leader in the manufacturing of both branded and private label Technology products and related accessories. Our company goals are to design and develop products that are both high in quality and consumer appeal. 

Highly competitive pricing, cutting edge designs and patented innovative technology have helped us position our company as a leading partner for retailers looking for high quality, low cost products.

Our Speed to market has helped position our company as an industry leader. We pride ourselves in our ability to take a product from concept to retail shelves as well as or better than anybody in the industry. 

We are a company that not only looks to sell products to our customers, but an organization that is committed to the success of our products at our retail partner locations. 

We help our partners in the development of customized products and designs that best fit their customer base and help promote higher sell thru at retail.