Timebox Mini 2.0 Smart App Enabled LED PIxel Speaker


The Timebox Mini 2.0 is more than a powerful Bluetooth speaker, it’s an intelligent desktop companion. Featuring 121 programmable LEDs capable of displaying up to 16 million full RGB vivid colors, the Timebox Mini 2.0 also functions as an alarm clock, a sleep aid, and displays your reminders and social media notifications. The Timebox Mini 2.0 even allows you to create and display your own pixel art with the free downloadable Divoom Smart App.


product Features:

• 5 watts of professionally tuned audio

• Smart Alarm: Features 12 refreshing wake up alarms

• Sleep Aid: Features 24 built in sleep aid scenes

• Pixel Art Design: Create and send your own pixel designs

• Daily Planner: Ideal for time management or physical training

• Voice Messages: App record-able messages

• Social Media Notifications

• Free downloadable mobile smart app

Included in Box:

Timebox Mini 2.0, USB Charging Cable, 3.5mm Audio Cable, Instruction Manual

Packing Details:

Product Video